Jose Mourinho have Capabilities to get into Opposition Skin

Jose Mourinho is very good at getting into the skin of the opposition. There are few coaches in the world who are as efficient as him when it comes to playing the mind games.

As an opposition player or manager, you might try to pretend that you don’t care about what he says, but, the thing is that he would somehow be able to get onto you with his statements.

There was an instance the previous season when ahead of a home game versus he Gunners, Mourinho had taken a dig at Wenger by calling him failure specialist.

It was a very courageous thing to do at that point of time as Arsenal was playing some high quality Football and was stationed at the first place in the league table.

It could have led to massive embarrassment for Mourinho if Chelsea had been beaten after what he said, but, no, that didn’t happen and that was never going to happen probably. (more…)

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