Football would always be a funny business. Claudio Bravo just spent the last few months being taunted by every dick and harry with access to internet data, and all it took for the Chilean to become the most popular man on the internet for the past few hours is three straight penalty saves from the spot kicks of three wimpy Portuguese – with Cristiano Ronaldo waiting to take the final kick that would send them to the final.

In a similar manner a tournament – this time Brazil 2014 – gave him the chance to show the rest of the world of how awesome he can be – except when standing between the sticks in the Etihad – the veteran, after the most testing season of his career reminded everyone following this year’s Confederations Cup of his quality.

He always had it. At Real Sociedad where he played over 200 La Liga games; at Barcelona where he played a bit part role till he got signed by Manchester City on Pep Guardiola’s orders – seriously you don’t get picked by such a coach if you got no special in you.

For some reason that still eludes both Man City, the fans and maybe Bravo himself, the Chilean was every shade of awful at the Etihad as his outings became more of “how many mistakes will he make today?” than the actual role expected of a goal keeper.

Even as stubborn as Pep can be when it comes to defending his players against all odds, the Catalan was latter forced to abandon the “for better for worse” stance they might have taken on the day he signed the Chilean.

Wily Caballero was later introduced with the belief that Claudio was being given a chance to breath out the criticisms nailed on his head all season.

Ederson’s purchase from Benfica however means Bravo might just start boxing his properties up and prepare for retirement at either the Chinese Super Lig or Major League Soccer.

Last night’s heroics should be able to neutralize last season’s horror.This couldn’t come at a time better.