Costinha Confident Academica can Compete

Academica Coimbra coach Costinha said that he is happy with his players this season. He said that it has been a difficult season for them and that he is proud that his players have managed to cope with the demand of the league.

Costinha said that the league has become more competitive and that it is important that the team improves if they want to win promotion. He said that there is a good group of players and that he is looking forward to building a team that will allow them to challenge the bigger side for a promotion place.

He said that Academica Coimbra does not have the same budget than some of the bigger sides and that they will need to find alternative ways to improve the team. He said that they have been forced to sell their best players during recent years in order to survive and that they will need to change this if they want to build a team.

The aim is vereable, though increasingly unlikley give that their top players have been snapped up by the likes of Benfica and Porto in recent years (and indeed, the only way you can see Jorge Costa in action in Portugal thesedays is when the national side play at home, and even then you have to be lucky to get a ticket from the likes of Livefootballtickets.com, as they are in such high demand.

Costinha said that the team has a solid fan base and that these people want to see their team perform and win trophies. He said that this will not be easy but they need to have a good project if they want the team to develop.

He said that one way to do this is to build a young team and let them grow together. He said that they are focusing on academy football and that they are looking forward to building a team of talented youngsters. This will allow them to build a team that will be able to challenge the more established side in the league.

He said that next season will be more difficult as the other sides will be investing in new players but he is sure that Academica Coimbra will be able to compete.