Edin Dzeko wants more win for Manchester City

Edin Dzeko wants his team Manchester City to win more titles and try and do well in Europe.

City has had much glory domestically in the last 3-4 seasons. With a couple of Premier Leagues and also, the Cup title, they have made their presence felt in England, but, playing against the other strong teams in Europe, they have faltered and that is where, Dzeko thinks, they have to improve.

According to the Bosnian forward, in Champions League, the Sky Blues haven’t played with the same kind of conviction with which they have been playing in the Premiership and that’s probably because the level of competition there is much higher.

Answering questions in one of his interviews, Dzeko said, “We all know that the best teams around the world participate in Champions League. It’s a tournament in which you have to play your best game. If you don’t, you are in trouble. Unfortunately, we have failed to make it happen, but, that’s something which is in our minds. We want to be the winner in Europe. That’s our ambition for sure.”

“And, domestically as well, we are looking to win more and more. We have been brilliant in the recent times and now, it’s important for us not to maintain the consistency.”

When asked if he thinks the formation, that City generally likes to use, works well in the Premiership, but, not in Europe, Dzeko said, “Not really. Tactics wise, we are okay. It’s just the mental thing. Sometimes, we perhaps take it easy against the teams coming from smaller leagues, but, we have to remember that every team which has qualified for Europe is a top class team no matter which league it belongs to.”

Dzeko has so far scored 48 goals for City in 114 games.