Jose Mourinho have Capabilities to get into Opposition Skin

Jose Mourinho is very good at getting into the skin of the opposition. There are few coaches in the world who are as efficient as him when it comes to playing the mind games.

As an opposition player or manager, you might try to pretend that you don’t care about what he says, but, the thing is that he would somehow be able to get onto you with his statements.

There was an instance the previous season when ahead of a home game versus he Gunners, Mourinho had taken a dig at Wenger by calling him failure specialist.

It was a very courageous thing to do at that point of time as Arsenal was playing some high quality Football and was stationed at the first place in the league table.

It could have led to massive embarrassment for Mourinho if Chelsea had been beaten after what he said, but, no, that didn’t happen and that was never going to happen probably.

Mourinho had been successful in doing what he wanted to do. He had made Arsenal push hard unnecessarily with that statement of his. He had unsettled them and that produced result which nobody would have foreseen.

It was 6-0 Chelsea there that day in West London and Wenger was shell shocked.

The Gunners, who were looking like going to end their league title drought, slid straight to no. 4 position and never quite got up from there in the remainder of the season.

Mourinho can do such things. He knows pretty well what he is saying and about whom he is saying and he does everything intentionally.

The Portuguese has tried to play a bit of a mind game again this season, this time with Tottenham Hotspur.

He has said that it’s the Spurs who are the favourites in the title game of the Capital One Cup that is to be played in the coming weekend.

His intention is clear again. He wants to put all the pressure on the opposition and it would not be surprising if he is able to unsettle Tottenham as well.