Vidic hated the weather

Former Manchester United defender NemanjaVidic has revealed that the only thing he hated in Manchester was the weather.

Despite playing in Russia, he said that the Manchester weather was worst and that this made him sick.

Other than that, he stated that he had enjoyed eight wonderful years at Manchester United where he has lifted several trophies for the club.

He admitted that he had some difficulties to cope with the weather when he first came to Manchester United.

Although Russia had some cold winter, they did not have rain like Manchester, and he could get plenty of sunshine.

Concerning food, he said he was able to cope with English food. He said that his wife was an excellent cook and managed to cook typical Serbian dish at home. He stated that he was also given Serbian dish at the Manchester United training ground in order for him to feel at home.

He said that it was a pleasure for him to have played for Manchester United and that the only thing that he could not adapt with was the weather. He said that his three children were born in Manchester and that he had a formidable moment there. He loved the city so much that he still has a house there.

Concerning the club, he believes that they will improve under Jose Mourinho. He said that the manager is a good one and that he definitely has the necessary experience to manage a team of Manchester United stature. He said that he should be given at least one more year because you cannot build a team in a few months. He believes that the club will improve during the season and that they should qualify at least for Europe. He said that he understands how fans are feeling, but he has encouraged them to get behind the team.