24 thoughts on “FC Porto vs Celtic Glasgow (2003 UEFA Cup Final) – 1st Half”

  1. i hate them to . Love celtic fans , i think in 2006 you came to play against us and bring a huge ” paper ? ” ( i dont know the word in english ) something about a Benfica player that died ( Miklos feher ) . Great fans , porto pay the refs , they are cheating bastards

  2. I also concede about one dive that was far too obvious…the one made by Vitor Baía near the end. The rest was a pretty normal game, both teams tried to take advantage when the contact was slightly above legal and that’s just something common in football. Wich is different than obvious dives without contact or with completely legal contact. Something that didn’t happen during most of the match. By the way Celtic has some of the best fans in the world.

  3. Não só de golos se faz o futebol, e se da final de Viena ficou aquela arrancada do Futre e a finta estonteante do Madjer que depois dá o golo da vitória, desta de Sevilha ficam, entre outros, 2 pormenores simplesmente brilhantes desse mago chamado Deco: aos 15:11 quando finta 2 adversários sem sequer tocar na bola, e aos 51:56 quando finta 3 adversários com apenas 2 toques (de enorme classe). Eram pura magia aqueles pés…

  4. FCPORTO was BY far the better team , and is TODAY bt far better team , club than Celtic ever will be period

  5. I absolutely concede that Porto are a far superior side and had a fantastic match, but they broke up a lot of counter attacks with diving and feigning injury and ruined Celtic’s rare shares of possession using these tactics. I still think Celtic deserved much more from the match from the level of play. Deco is a fantastic player, but has always been a dirty player as well.

  6. O Baldé fartou-se de arrear pau nesse jogo. Ele foi realmente expulso injustamente..nao por não ter feito falta..mas porque ja devia estar no banho ha uns largos minutos.

  7. I still ask myself if you can be so blindfolded by your bias to ignore the evidence the Porto were a superior side during the match. Have you seen those plays by Deco? If dirty means that well it was pretty dirty. If dirty means havin players so good they cant’s possibily be from this planet..well that was reaaalyyy dirty. ISad you can’t analize a single football match with some detachment (I can eve when Porto plays..that makes me a much more integral and inteligent football fan).

  8. Must agree with you that nowadays Celtic squad is full of average players (2002/2003 they had several top class players).
    But not all players of the current Celtic line up are broomsticks with legs.
    Victor Wanyama for example, thats an example og a fairly good player. I’d like to see him in Porto. He would evolve to be a super midfielder.

  9. You could have brought a gazillion fans, you could have won the first of all the european cups….still Porto is far superior, has more international titles and a lot more international acclaim. And in the end football is about winning. Not about “I was there and lost” or “I was so good 50 yeras ago”.
    And now? 0

  10. It’s kind of hard when a superior side beats you to admit that superiority.
    You’re wrong in one small thing…you do not hate us. You just envy us for being so much sucessful. But don’t worry…dozens of teams do envy us so..another one in the list is not so much a big deal.

  11. No thats latin-football for you.And we took 90,000 fans to your 15,000 and you were just over the border and we were thousands of km’s away.We won the European cup 20 years before you lot did.

  12. Who knows the name of the music that plays between 7.52 and 8.52??? Anyone knows?? Thanks! (in advance)

  13. That went well. “Best fans in the world” at streaming out with 10 minutes to go. Everyone is laughing at you now. Oh well, only another 15 years before you get out of the group stages again.

  14. You know one of those EPL teams you’re talking about is the European Champions right? Your team has players good enough to be wanted by Norwich.. Yeah, fucking impressive. You got thru the group stages and you think you’re Real Madrid. Lol calm down. And stop finding comments from months ago to reply to, kinda weird.

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