25 thoughts on “Ricardo Quaresma – Amazing Skills Show 2014 (Skills, Dribbling, Passes) | FC Porto | by Andrey Gusev”

  1. Bento decided to leave him out of his World Cup squad! I’ve never been so
    disappointed before the big competitions like World Cup. He has picked
    Nani, Varela, Rafa and Vieirinha instead of Quaresma. He must be kidding
    us. F*ck you Bento! 🙁 #BentoOut 

  2. hello Andrey, could you plsease do a video of cristiano ronaldo word cup
    highlights when the tournament is over in brazil? please use the song
    Rockstar by NERD. Thanks! 

  3. I see the old ronaldo in him he never moved on from that showboating at
    everything kinda move. They played together but… If he grew up with his
    playing style he would be world class


  4. Bento did not play him in World Cup because he didn’t like rq attitude and
    persona nothing to do with ability 

  5. Paulo Bento fuck off .Nani and Vierinha on Quaresma out ! But the football
    is fair sport ,that’s why you lost 4-0 by Germany.

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