25 thoughts on “UT13: What If?.. Potential 2014 FC. Porto Squad | Special Squadbuilder”

  1. Mangala heavily linked to chealsea martinez to man united and astu heavily linked to west ham or lfc

  2. FC Porto 11 will be: Helton, Danilo, Mangala, Otamendi, Alex Sandro, Fernando, Defour, Lucho, Varela, Quintero, Jackson M.

  3. there are some errors in your team… I think the potential team will be a 433 with Helton, Alex Sandro, Mangala, Otamendi, Danilo, Fernando, Lucho Gonzalez, Defour (or Herrera), Varela, Bernard (rumour) and Jackson. Atsu will probably leave, I don’t see Quintero beeing at the starting eleven (at least right from the beginning of the league) and I don’t think Anderson and Lisandro Lopez will sign

  4. gonzalez left lol id of put…. helton,sandro,eyes,mangala,danilo,de our,anderson,josue,quintero,matinez,muriel

  5. take out atsu and put in Josue (silver player) Atsu is going to leave and Josue just signed and he has some potential

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